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7 700 transistor types at 39^ each. 40 watt germanium power transistor, same as Delco 501 2N278 (etc.). Cat: 349, 59* each, Color TV cartridge focus rectifier 6.5 kv. Used in every color TV. Cat; CFR 20, 79* each. Motorola 2500 ma. at 1OQO pjVf high voltage/cur rent epoxy silicon rectifier, axiaI leads. Cat: HEP 170, 49* each, 2 Printed circuit I.F. transformers« 4 lug, 455 kc in put and output. Cat: 1909P4, 99* each. RCA UHF transistor type TV tuners, KRK-120 (long-shaft). Cat: UHF 20, KRK-120 (short shaft). Cat: UHF-21, each $4.98. RCA VHF transistor type TV tuners, KRK 146,

Cat; VHF 74, $9.99 each. Transistorized UHF tuners used in 1965 to 1967 TV sets made by Admiral, RCA. Motorola etc. Removable gearing may vary from one make to another. Meed only 12 voits DC to function. No filament voltage needed. Easy replacement units. Cat: UHF-567f $4.95. UHF Tuner or rpinaJ units as used in T V sets such as RCA, Admiral, etc., covering channels 14 thru S2f as pert no, 940173-2, Complete with tube. Drive gearing is removable. Can be used in most sets. Cat: UHF 3, $4.95. Color yokes, 70 degrees for all around color CRT s. Cat; XRC 70, $12.95, 90 degrees for alJ rectangular 19 to 25" color CRT's, Cat: XRC 90, $12.95.

Kit of 30 tested germanium diodes. Cat: 100, 99*, Silicon rectifier, octal based replacement for 5AS4-5AW4 5U4-5V3-5T4 5V4-5Z4, With diagram. Cat: Rect-1 99* each. 7J'r 90 degrees TV bench test picture tube with adapter. No ion trap needed. Cat: 78^7, $7 99.

Tube cartons GAU6 etc., size, $2.15 per 100 6SN7 etc.. size $2.55 pe* 100 5U4GB size $2 95 per 100, 5U4G size 3i each. Send for complete free catalog Include 4% of dot lar value of order for postage $5 MINIMUM ORDER. Canadian check, H% dollar differential.



WE BEAT ALL AND ANY OFFERS if you have the equipment we want! Urgently need any type of lab grade test equipment, and military electronics such as Gen. Rad., H-P, Tektronix, ARC, GRC, TED, PRC, VRC, ARN, URR, APN, etc. Tell us what you have and what you want in first letter! WE PAY FREIGHT!

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