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Fig. Assembly of the antenna.

house by two snap-in wall mounts from Allied Radio. The weight of the whole thing rests on the bottom dielectric union and the ground pipe driven into the ground.

Each of the dielectric unions are one and one quarter on one end and one inch on the other. The one inch pipe driven into the ground can be any length to give a good ground and plenty of support. Here it is about eight feet long and is next to a good well. The ground is always moist, which helped in driving in the pipe.

The vertical must be cut longer than a normal vertical. Maybe because of the end effect caused by the pipe on top. Mine is thirty three and one half feet tall and is resonant at 7250 kHz.

* Capita I Manufacturing Co., Columbus 16. Ohio. Epco Dielectric Unions, Cleveland 9? Ohio,

Breakdown of the parts of the dialectric pipe union.

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