Large ยง SWAN Stock =Fast Delivery

GOOD R H your new S

TOP TRADES for your good clean equipment

RAY SEZ: "Why so much new SWAN in stock?" Simple! SWAN makes GREAT transceivers and AMATEUR ELECTRONIC SUPPLY is a GOOD place to do business with. The demand created by the SWAN and AES Combination requires a huge inventory of Factory-Fresh equipment to insure prompt delivery.

TOP TRADES for your good clean equipment

STAY-ON-THE-AIR PLAN-Enables you to keep your trade-Ins until your new gear arrives-Lose no operating time?

Pay as little at $5.00 down - balance on convenient Revolving Charge

PERSONAL SERVICE from fellow hams who understand your problems

SAME DAY SERVICE on most Orders and Inquiries from our Centrally Located Modern Facilities

Top Notch Service Department

Cygnet 260 - S395.00

SAVE $50

Purchase any new Swan transceivei or linear at the regularpricc with no trade-in and you may take a $50.00 Credit toward the purchase of any other merchandise.

Cygnet 260 - S395.00

L66K at your low Monthly Payment

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