New Ways of Generating Microwave Power K3PBY

New Solid state devices you should know about, probably.

Modification of VHF Transmitter* for CW Operation . K10YB

Moonbounce? Aurora? DX? You may need to use CW.

Monde Hamme * K1YSD

Read slowly, this may be injurious to your health.

Straightforward SSB for 6 Meters VE4RE

Build this tittle beauty next week.

The 432'er Solid State K1CLL

Bill Hoisington gets you on 432 the fast easy way.

Six Meter FET Converter W6RET

You are not still using tubes in your converter? Reform.

Compieat AVC WBRHR

Showing how much can realty be done to improve AVC systems.

Leaky Lines K2AGZ

Random thoughts by a random thinker.

Field Day Fever VK4SS

Your Field Day should only work out as well.

A Field Day to Remember W8BVU

Field Day can be loads of fun; give it a try this year,

Sunspots? Who Need's 'em for Six Meter DX? K7ALE

OK, so you can work em without sunspots too.


DX rambiings, WTW news, and other rot.

Whipping Two Mobile K6ZFV

Make your own whip for two meter mobile.

Design of UHF Tuners Using Silicon Transistors Sir

Some good ideas for you UHF'ers*

Review of the Heathkit JT-28 Capacitor Checker . . . . W0HMK

Heath does it again. . as usual.

How To Convert Your Receiver for Six Meters W8RHR

Nice little converter for the 75A2. ■ .or any other receiver.

Forty, Twenty and Two WA8IYL

Nice simple vertical antenna using dielectric pipe unions!

Review of the Caringella Compressor-Preamp W2EEY

We tike it when readers review new equipment;

ATV Video Modulator W60RG

One transistor is all it takes.

Preamps for 144 and 432 mhz. . .like for ATV, you know.

Simple Scope for RTTY Monitoring . W6JTT

Good news for all you ratts.

Curtain Roads, Coat Hangers and Control Links K9STH

VHF and UHF antennas from the closet.

Facsimile and the Radio Amateur. . .Part Jt K6GKX

Answers to questions about fax.

Extra Class License Study Course ., Staff

Parr 5. We try to make it easy for you to get That ticket.

Soft Solder Construction of Cavities and Lines , . . . WA9VFG

Makes those VHF machining jobs a cinch, almost.

Police Converter KCVQY

Enjoy the thrift of listing to police calls. . .if it isn't itlegaL

The Neglected Mini Vee Beem W© LBV

Small. , .and works like crazy on 10-15-20. You read it here,

Modifying a Tube Converter for FET W60SA

Makes a great improvement and doesn't cost much.

A Variable Resistance VFO for 6 and 2 K9ALD

Transistors, pc board, and tuned from afar. Also very stable.

127 VHF Band Scanner. . WASOIK

Watch the VHF bands with the ALA-10.

Simple Converter for Slow Scan TV and Facsimile . . . W2LNP

Ridiculously simple, if you want to know. Let's get going.

Confessions of an Appliance Operator W3ETQ

How to ad lib in sprte of the state of the art.

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