SP-600-JX ultra-clean, in cabinet, aligned, ready to use. 0.54-54 mc. w/xtl filter & provisions for 6 favorite stations to be xti selected. Only 325,00

ULTRA-WIDE-BAND RECEIVER: AN/ALR-5: Late postwar AM/FM Countermeasures rcvr. Has S-Meter; vanuble iF At ten. & passband (0,2 or 2 mhz from 30 mhz center): AF, Video & Pan. outputs. New, modified for 120 v 60 hzt includes new (Method II pack) 4-band plug-in converter ,038-1 ghz. 4 Type-N plugs automatically select correct ant. as hands are switched. Sensit at -6 db setting; SVi uv thru 132 mh2f .13 thru 780 mhz & 4514 at 1 ghz. BRAND NEW, with book & mating pwr-input plug, only 275.00

VERSATILE PLATE & F1LAM, TRANSFORMER Depot Spares for SP-600-JX: Pri. 95/105/11 7/130/ 190/210/234/260 v 50/60 hz. Sec. 1 305 0-305 v, 150 ma. Sec. 2: 5 v 3 A. Sec. 3: 6 3 v 5A Sec. 4: 71/= v, 3/4 A, Sec, 5: 1Y* v, 1% A. Legend for pins is plainly marked. Herm, sealed 2.95



Freed 12691: DAS Loran Spares, supplied 5" CR,

§lates a htrs. Pri, 105-1 30v 50/60 hz. See's, insul kv 1490 & 1100 v, 5 ma; 390-0-390 v 100 ma; electrostatically shielded 6.3 v, 0.8 A; two 2)4 v, 2 A. See's, insul 1 Va kv: two 6,3 v, 6 A; 5 v, 3 A, 2Va v, 5 Ar Case 5%x5x7Vi. With diagram. Shipped only by collect REA Express 2.95


Just to see if anyone reads our ads...because if you do, you can't pass this up! #545 is DC to 30 mhz pass with calibrated variable sweep delay...take note all you who work with pulses! included will be a dual trace 24 mhz plug-in and a 30 mhz single trace ptug-in, .TWO plug-ins! As received from a

Jarge prime Contractor, as is „,595-00

If we puT it thru a shop for NBS-traceable calib, after complete overhaul, including plug-ins 750*00

FAIRCHfLD SOLID-STATE SCOPES all w/dual trace plug-ins 25 & 50 mhz, w/delayed time-base plug ins, w/books, overhauled & grtd. As low as 825*00

We probably have the best inventory of good Jab test equipment in the country. But, please do not ask for catalog! Ask for specific items or kinds of items you need! We also buy! What do you have?

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