Solid State Mini Af Generator

Fully transistorized sine and square wave generator, 10 Hz to 100 kHz in four bands. Smallest in world W x 3%" x 31.9 lbs. An FET oscillator with a thermistor and intensive reverse feedback maintain the output at minimum distortion and constant level (less that 0.3% 200 Hz-100 kHz and less than 0.8% 10-200 Hz). The power supply is built in (100-120 vac 50/ 60 Hz and is stabilized to 0.]% against line voltage fluctuations. Square wave rise time 0.2 ¿is. Output impedance 600 ohms ~ 100 ohms unbalanced. This generator is built for the laboratory but is available at ham prices $59.95

Broadcast stations and laboratories have been ordering and re-ordering this generator. Here is a top-notch professional piece of test equipment at an amateur price.

Buy this fine product at your nearest distributor or order from Redline Company, Jaffrey, N.H. 03452. Please add $1 for postage and handling.

DGP Company, Jaffrey, N.H. 03452

The Hustler H is a combination base toad, telescoping radiator and capacity hat with an overall length of 40 inches. Mounting is easy with the heavy duty trunk lip mount for installation on the rear or side of your trunk, Power capability of the Hustler H is 500 watts PEP or 250 watts CW. While performance is not quite equal to the standard Hustler with center loading and longer radiator, nevertheless, excellent results and bandwidth can be expected with the HUSTLER II. Realty, the only answer for mobile operations when you cannot install the best , . . the original HUSTLER.

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