Test of the Caringella Compressor

John J. Schuitz, W2EEY/1

40 Rossie Street

Mystic, Connecticut 06355

The ACP 1 is available fn either kit or assembled form from Caringella Electronics, P.O, Box 327, Upland, California 91786.

The Caringella unit offers some unique features as an audio compressor. It is available at reasonable price in both kit and wired models.

One hears and has read about so many audio compressors, both commercial units and those described in various magazines, that the tendency is not to get particularly excited when another unit of this type appears on the scene. This was my initial reaction when I started to review the Caringella ACP-1 unit- However, upon some study of the compressor circuit and particularly after

I had built and tested the unit, I felt that it had various unique features that made it well worth a detailed review.

rig. I shows the schematic of the ACP-1 unit and the table below gives the "dry" specifications on the unit. I use the word "dry'' to describe the specifications because they are technically accurate, but they give only a static presentation of the performance to be expected from the unil. A better illustration of the performance of which the unit is capable is shown in Fig. 2. This graph shows quite clearly the large compression range over which the unit is effective.

Circuit Description (Fig. 1)

!:ive transistors and one diode made up the semi-conductor compliment of the ACP-1 unit. The input stage, Ql5 is a silicon N-channel FET (Texas Instruments 2N38J9).

Compressor Radio

Fig, Schematic and performance specifications for the ACP-1

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