7h New type "OZ-PAK" assys ment and 100 ohm 25W heat 14. Premium mil-spec type sili-

complete with instfuctions For sink type resistor for rdeal con replacement for popular use as FWCTr FWB or FW Dblr. modification of these revrs 866A family of rectifier tubes

Jumper ass'ys included Stand Instructions included in pkg. (also repface type 816-3828, ard "OZ-PAK" will deliver ail Supply of these pkgs is not un- etcjMin PIV oi 10KV @ 1A, the power you need for a \ega\ limited $3.28 each, $9.80 each. Higher PIV on re-,

2KW PEP amplifier. 2KV [email protected] 10. 2A Mercury Wetted Relay quest.

1 amp (max current 1.6A), 2.5 type HG2A-1015 24V dc coil, 1 5. Sensational new bifilar fila-

dc @ A, 3,0 dc @ .67A. The Mfg by Clare. Relay & brand ment choke for that new linear

OZ PAK can be mounted in any new octai socket $4.80 j|-FC32r good for 2-30 mc &

position a is unconditionally n Sprague Hy pass capacitors full current of 32 amps. Easy guaranteed to perform under the with mtg hardware (bulkhead to install and fully guaranteed, aforementioned conditions or ur type) for mobi!e fMTer or fifp $8.90 each.

money back. Each Oz Pak ts thru on that brg linear. 16. Matching high power plate

100% power tested before pack- 05 mid 50V ^ 40 amps choke for that new final; no mg and shipping, $0.28 each. holes, 2-30 mc & good for 800

Brand new UTCvaripower ™ rtujtl'0/32 threaded mta, mor^comoact than^ tVL^t^indar'd auto-transformers line voltage J^PL-800 each $5.80

^ V n 'il ^ «H It»? control & r*^ced oper 17, Computer grade capacitors gfe phaseFWCT or FWB Leads 11 ™ inpUt' °UtPUt ° ^ i™"*' V'

g e pnaw hWUI or hWb. Leads 130V gc jn 2000W Sprague, Aerovox, etc,

Jffifi!^ESftL LJTC type CVA5, eaih. $28.80 100 mfd @ 200V (w-6kt> .78

Entire rectifier ass y only 7 L x 'Brand new unused Ui: R- , 1flnw QC

2"W x 1 H. This unit good isolation xfmr, beautiful, "50 mfd | 180V 98

for dc OUTPUTS of not more than weighs 70 lbs. Ideal for isoiat- IV^l ^ ^ ^

2500V and max current not to ¡ng that revr and exciter and ^

exceed .75 amp. Power tested keeping them off that noisy ¿£00mid|100v 8b and guaranteed. line. Also excellent for test ^00 m d S 350V 188

Amateur Net $24,80 bench hi-power setup Electro- £00 mfd | 350V 1.88

q Proline nn,H fn, staTic shielding wiTh six ft cord 500 mfd @ 31 0V,. 1,98

9. CoHms spci (also good for receptacle 2500W capa^ Hl^capacity low voltage units any quality communications receptee, ^uuvv capa a1s0 pn Worjd s iarsesT

revr using 5Y3-5U4 etc). Pkg supp|y fr0m 0 singi0 source.

„,=,„*.„,fcc*..,,,,,.p„e. personalized instant service jenningsjNDuswEsjNc. m ™A sm E

2730 95060

THE EAST COAST VHF Society wilt operate station WA2WEB/1 on 432 mhz from Mt, Equinox, Vermont on June 21 and 27, 1969. The express purpose of the expedition is to provide amateurs on the East Coast of the United States with the op-port unity of contacting the state of Vermont on 432 mhz.

The station will be on the air for approximately 24 hours for scheduled and non-scheduled contacts. Schedules are requested from interested amateurs. Write: East Coast VHF Society, P.O.Box 1263, Paterson, N.J. 07509. AM correspondence and schedules will be confirmed prior to expedition*

RTTY GEAR FOR SALE. List issued monthly, 88 or 44 mhy torroids 5 for $2.50 postpaid. Elliott Buchanan & Associates, Inc., 1067 Mandana Blvd., Oakland, California 94610.

WANTED: SCHEMATICS & instruction manual for Farnsworth model 600A camera & control monitor, Contact G.D.Petrizze, 2135 N. Allen Ave., Althadena, California 91001.

"TOWER HEADQUARTERS!" 11 Brands! Heights aluminum 35% off! Strato Crank-ups-low cost! Rotors, antennas and gear discounts. Phone patch $11.95. Catalog-20i postage. Brownville Sales Co. Stanley, Wisconsin 54763.

FOR SALE: HW32A in excellent condition, $89. with rugged homebrew power supply, $99.00. WA1IRU, Art Karis, 14 Caldwell St„ Fitchburg, Mass. 01420 (617) 342-3469.

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