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P.O. 8ox 327 ■ Upland. California 91766 Phone 714-985-15-40


P.O. 8ox 327 ■ Upland. California 91766 Phone 714-985-15-40

ohms across the en J so apparently the trouble was in the line itself, i asked Justo through my interpreter if 1 could replace the feedline with the new eoax which we sent with the beam. No, it was impossible to reach the beam without taking it down and with the high winds he didn't think it should be taken down.

Since there was no possibility of improving the antenna. I began to explore the idea of

some source of power from 01 to 07 GMT. Every lead drew a blank. There just simply wasn't any way that I could get the transceiver. an antenna, and a power source all together for those hours of optimum propagation to the States.

Since 1956, no W6 or W7 stations had qso'd Rio de Oro and at this point, it was beginning to look as though there might not be any qso's in the next eleven years either, then at 00:39 GMT, with a scant eleven minutes of power left, Allen, K6YRA, broke through for the first west coast qso. With numerous repeats, I managed to get five Cal-ifornians in the tog before the shack was plunged into darkness. The next morning, as I was having coffee in the mess hall, Justo came bursting through the door and excitedly announced that he had worked two W6Y Obviously, my planned trip into the desert with the Spanish army would have to be given up. In the next hour. 1 logged 74 stations of which 61 were sixes. The 07-09 opening was a bonus 1 hadn't expected, am! luckily the power regulation held out just long enough.

A second unexpected bonus materialized from what was supposed to have been a joke. Since Justo does not work CW, Eva had suggested I take him a gift of a hand key as a gag. With my SSB results not up to expectations. I decided to try CW. Jn order to work C'W. 1 had to hold the mike in my left hand since the PTT button was the only transmit switch the little transceiver had. With a mike in one hand and a straight key in the other, I managed around 250 CW qso's in five hours operating lime. With a little advance notice, the number would have been much higher.

On the last afternoon of my visit to Rio de Oro all of the native musicians and dancers were assembled to put on a show for me. The stars of the show turned out to be two eleven year old female dancers. It was difficult lor me to believe that these two little gi r Is w e re al re ad y ma rrie J. As t he sh o w pr o-gtessed. we all sal around with our legs crossed drinking syrupy Arab tea and eating spiced camel meat off of metal skewers.

Fig, 5. The eleven year old dancing girls at farewell party.

This was a grand climax to a wonderful three days in Villa Cisneros and it made me wonder why any dx'peditioners would want to spend their time on some barren uninhabited rocks in the middle of the ocean which have absolutely no cultural value. After the show, 1 went back to the shack for one final operating session. At 20:28 GMT on August 8th, I pulled the switch after a final qso with 12LAC. Twenty hours later, 1 was getting a big welcome back kiss from Rosie at Barcelona.

A check of the logs showed that in twenty-two hours operation a total of 801 qso's were made with all US call areas and all continents. Although 1 1 percent of the contacts were with the sixes only Hvo sevens, K7GCM and K.7ABV, were worked. VK4YP was the only Oceania station worked, although others were heard and called. Contrary to the claims of one of the better known dx'peditioners that most of the "big gun" W/K. dxers are lids, i found the exact opposite to be the case. Both the big guns and small fry behaved extremely well. When 1 asked for particular call areas, everyone who copied my request cooperated, and I rarely had difficulty copying reports being given to me.

For those who still haven't worked Justo or myself, 1 suggest learning a little Spanish. If you will just learn your call letters and his call letters in Spanish, your chances of making a qso will improve 100 percent. If you could not speak Spanish, as Justo cannot speak English, can you imagine how difficult it would be to identify a single station out ol twenty South Americans calling you in Spanish on the same frequency? My advice is-do your homework, monitor 14, 11 5 and 14.125 and hope for the best.

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