Solid State Mini Af Generator

Fully transistorized sine and square wave generator, 10 Hz to 100 kHz in four bands. Smallest in world 7W x 3%w x 3%", 1.9 lbs. An FET oscillator with a thermistor and intensive reverse feedback maintain the output at minimum distortion and constant level {less that 0.3% 200 Hz-100 kHz and less than 0.8% 10-200 Hz). The power supply is built in (100-120 vac 50/60 Hz and is stabilized to 0.1% against line voltage fluctuations. Square wave rise time 0.2 ps. Output impedance 600 ohms ± 100 ohms unbalanced. This generator is built for the laboratory but is available at ham prices $59.95

Broadcast stations and laboratories have been ordering and re-ordering this generator. Here is a top-notch professional piece of test equipment at an amateur price.

Buy this fine product at your nearest distributor or order from Redline Company, Jaffrey, N.H. 03452. Please add $1 for postage and handling.

DGP Company, Jaffrey, N.H. 03452

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