HIGHER VOLTAGES Prices upon requef I

Brand new Disc ceramic capacitors - Top U.S. Mfg. 1 KV DC voltage rating. .005 S .04 ea.

Rectifier Ass'ys for the battery charges, L.V. welder & plating boys. (Also good for those who need Hi current DC on the test bench or in the lab).

FWCTConfiguration {good for 2 times the diode current rating with proper cooling. On 2" x 2" heatsinks. Diodes mounted, wired & tested @ full power. 12 Amp Diodes

100V PIV $2.18

400V PIV $3,28

40 Amp Diodes (FWCT 3" x 3' plates

200V PIV $4.68

400V PIV $5.28

600V PIV $5.98


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FWCT Single Phase Full Wave on heat stoic plates. 12 Amp. fleet, on 2" X 7" Plata.

50V PIV SI.88

100VPIV S2.18

200V PIV $2.68

300V PIV $2.88

400V PIV $3.28

500V PIV $3.68

12 Amp. Rett, on 3" x 3" Plates same as 2" x 2" Plus SI.00 each.

All ass'y fully tested & guaranteed same as above. 40 Amp units on 3" x 3" plates add S2.0C ea. ass'y. 40 Amp units on 5" * 5" plates add 13 00 ea. ass'y.

7"L x 2"W x 1-1/4"H Hi-V Hectifier Stack Ass'ys. with bolt/nut connections or color coded flexible iBads. Single phase FWCT Ass'y! 1.5 A 2.0KV DC output $18.80 2.5KV DC output $22.80 3.0 DC output $26.80 Single phase FWB same price can be built to other voltages & circuit configurations.

FWB {Full Wave Bridget Single Phase Ass'ys. 12A or 40A devices on 2" x 2" heat sink plates.

50V PIV S2.48 12A Devices 200V PIVS2.98 12A Devices 400V PIVS3.48 12A Devices 600V PIVS4.28 12A Devices SOV PIV $3.88 40A Devices 200 PIV S4.48 40A Devices 400 PIV $4.88 40A Devices 600 PIV $5.98 40A Devices

Brand new RG62AVU Coax, 930tims - Excellent for test eqpt or HI-V cable - double shielded mln, qty. 100 Ft. ® S-025/ft.

Super-value fat those new power supplies Sprague or GE Pyrano

1 types.

8 MFD @ 1 KV DC .88 aa. 15 MFD @ 1 KV DC 1.48 ea. 25 MFD @ 1 KV DC 1.88 aa. These a recall testBd at full DC voltage and money back-guaranteed.

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