This was left out of the art icle on page 88 of September. Please cuî it out and stick it in.

VHF COAXIAL ANTENNA: all brass complete with 4ft. RG 58/U coax. Tuned to VHF Aircraft, 2 meters and can also be trimmed to other freq only S2.95 ea.

FACSIMILE TRANSMITTING CONVER TER: Converts facsimile subcarrier AM to subcarrier FIVL Output connects directly to microphone input of VHF AM or VHF FV1 transmitters. New with diagram, can be used with teletype S i9.95.

EARPHONE WITH SWINGAWAY BOOM MIKE: combination. H63 . ♦ only S3,95 ea. CRYSTAL: lOOOkc for LM or BC221 $4.95ea. 200 KC ST49 ea.

2 METER TRANSCEiVE* SP£ClAL compact 7"jiS"Ji12", output 7 ivatty mdudes dyna motor & rnoduJ.itor with 10 chijnnel crystal rurrei; all in this little package. 2 foi $36,00 or 519.95 each


5" SCOPE: MANUFACTURED BY HYC0N Reconditioned ... each S75.0Ü

New each 100.00

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