Dual Transistor Ignition System

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This system was made by Canadian Tire to sell for $35,00. These are Brand New fully wired surplus, not rejects. The extra high voltage coil provides smoother running at high speeds and longer plug Ufe, and the lower current through the points makes for longer point life and faster winter starts. Special connector allows instant change over to conventional ignition. Fully Guar anteed, with instructions ready to install for 6 or 12 volt negative ground car. CLOSE OUT SPECIAL

DTI - I I I IHWH ■ ■ a »-§-■■■■ ■ HW ■■■■■■ ■ fk fcj B H ■ H ■ ■ J a ■ i i III* i . i II ■ - ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ an r- $10.00


The Canadian Air Force has surplus also and we were fortunate to obtain over 500 headsets from them and are passing the savings on to you. They are unused and in the original cartons, The headphone eiements are actually miniature speakers, as pictured, and this is the way Hi*Fi phones are constructed. Will give excellent fidelity with either voice or music. They have rubber pads with chamois-type covering, metaf headband, cord and plug, 4 to 16 ohm impedance for use with any radio or TV, etc., by attaching to the speaker leads. May be co averted to "stereo" by making connections at each ear phone. This is a real bargain for quality RCAF head sets. RCAF HP $3.00 p.p.


Cast Aluminum case with handle and rubber feet. Threaded bosses inside provides means of fastening items. Toggle clamps provided for ease of opening case. This rugged m i I i tary case measures 1 3"x1 2"x9" deep. This case will give that professional look to your projects. This case will scrap out at over $5.00 & cost $80.00 to manufacture. QTY. LTD.

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