SERIES 7S The series 78 coaxial switches are manually operated with true coaxial switching members (not wafer switches). They are offered in 2, 3, 4 & 6 position (illustrated) types, plus a transfer or crossover and DPDT. The useful frequency range is 0-1 Ghz except 500 Mhz using UHF connectors. The unused positions are open circuited or non-shorting. Also available with other type connectors such as N, BNC, TNC or C.

SERIES 60 The series 60 are remote operated, of rugged construction and designed for low-level to 1 KW use. The unit illustrated is equipped with a special high isolation connector (<lG" type) at the normally closed or receive position. This "G" connector increases the isolation to greater than -100db at frequencies up to 500 Mhz, although it reduces the power rating through this connector to 20 watts. This is also available with other type connectors such as BNCf N, TNC„ C or solder terminals.

SERJES 71 High power 6 position switches commonly used for switching antennas, transmitters or receivers at frequencies up to 500 Mhz. The unit is weatherproof and can be mast mounted. The illustrated unit has the unused input shorted to ground. It is also available with a wide range of connectors, different coil voltages and non-shorting contacts or resistor terminations. Each of the six inputs has Its own actuating coil for alternate or simultaneous switching.

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