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Comes with 5-section antenna and earphone for modulation checking. Invaluable for tuning any transmitter. Magnetic base for mobile use.

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Worth its weight in batteries. I nvaluable for testing transistorized or JC gear. Saves its price in batteries for long range operation of radios, cassette tape

. 0-20 VDC @ 150 20b ma. Metered recorders, etc, and regulated.

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sectional vjew on the height and depth of your cabinets so that they will present a uniform appearance. The quarter-inch plywood recommended for the sides of the cabinets will provide plenty of strength for even relatively large cabinets. However, if you have a source of another thickness or another material, it can probably be used.

Building Suggestions

The quarter-inch plywood sides and top and a three-quarter-inch pine or fir base materials appear to be an ideal combination of availability and usefulness. It is suggested that these materials be cut on a table saw if one is available. A table saw will provide square, relatively smooth edges that can be assembled without further furnishing. So little cutting is required that any friend who has a saw should be glad to make the pieces for you. Cut the sides and top from a single


Most experimenters and homebrew equipment builders settle for commercial cabinets, boxes and chassis to house their electronic creations, This article will describe a method of building cabinets that are simple and stylish and that can be built in a wide range of sizes, rhese cabinets have minimum cost and yet have the good appearance necessary to make your radio room and workshop look highly professional

The solution to the cabinet problem is to build wooden cabinets like those shown in the photographs. Considerable development has gone into these cabinets. At this point I 'eel that maximum simplicity has been achieved without sacrificing utility and style.

The accompanying drawings and the text that follows describes a "type" of cabinet rather than a specific cabinet. If this type of cabinet is attractive to you, a little forethought is in order so that you may adapt the design to your own needs and to the most readily obtained materials. The width dimension will vary depending on the equipment that is to be housed. On the other-hand, perhaps you will want to standardize


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Wood Working 101

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