Miniature Af Generator

Mini Generator

Mini-AF Generator for the laboratory or ham work bench. 10 to 100.000 hz in four bands, sine or square wave. World's smallest. 7H" x 3%'' x 4", 2 lbs! Built-in AC power supply stabilized to 0.1% The output is maintained at minimum distortion and constant level with FET oscillator and thermistor and heavy inverse feedback.

Model 6803 AF Generator

ONLY $59.95

This is by far the single most valuable piece of test equipment. Built in meter for measuring gain of each stage under test, Easy to find weak or defective stages. Output speaker built in or to VTVM or scope. No line cord since it Is self powered. ONLY

Model SE-350 Signal Tracer $22.50


RF Field Strength

Meter 1-400 mhz

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