Miniature Test Laboratory

Amateur Lab Pics

AC Voltmeter OC Voltmeter

Ohmmeter Milliammeter

RF Signal Generator AF Signal Generator

Resistance Substitution Capacitance Substitution

9V DC Supply RF Field Strength

Thanks to transistors and printed circuits you can hold this complete lab in one hand. Not long ago this would have been a whole shelf full of test equipment. 455 khz generator for aligning if's, 400 hz generator for audio circuits. Plus a normal VOM and R&C substitution. Field Strength meter for tuning transmitters. Everything in one small boxl

Model SE-400 Mini-Lab ONLY $25.00

52 Ohm 1 KW SWR Meter

Simple Inexpensive Effective $14.95 Model SE-405

Buy DGP Miniature rest Equipment from Your Local Distributor or Order Direct Mail from REDLINE CO., JAFFREY, NH 03452. Please allow a little extra for postage charges. Distributors: Write for our distributor prices Manufacturers Reps: We-aeed you-Write

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Miniature Test Lab S25.00 Miniature AF Generator $59.95

RF Meter $8,95 SWR Meter $14,95 Miniature Signal Tracer $22.50 Power Supply $16.95






The day of the great big piece of test equipment is pastt made a memory by modern transistorized PC test equipment. Now a compJete service lab, including RF and AF signal generators, is buih into a case about the size of an oid VOM!

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