Prestel Field Strength Meter

If A Gold-Mine for Antenna Installers And 470 to 860 Megahertz. Calibrated outword from 10 to 50,000 Microvolts. Nothing makes it easier to properly and speedily find the correct place to install TV, FM and Communication Antennas. You can measure and hear the signals with this 4' volt battery economically powered unit. There is nothing else like it 548 Broadway, New York, New York 10012, Phone 212-925-6000

Mc1590 455 Khz If Amplifier

Primary l20iiH center tapped Cirr mT position of Li and C2 are mtsrchanged Primary winding 24 turns 36 AWG close wound on 1 4 dia form Core Arnold Type TH or etiuiv Secondary winding M 2 turns 36 AWG, 1 4h dia. i Jote 3 Primary winding gt 8 turns P22 AWG cftmertappod Secondary winding 1 turn 022 AWG over-wound at Fig. 7. High-gain i-f amplifier with wide-range age action. Circuit vaJues are shown for 455 kHz, 10.7 MHz, and 45 MHz except modulating large AM transmitters, which hardly...