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n spent this evening on the air, working old friends whom I haven't contacted in months. Now my antenna situation is cleared up I've been making up for all the time iVe been struggling with limited means .. * dipoles mainly. After three or four contacts I got a call from a fellow in a nearby town. He has one of those shiny new two-letter calls, but he used to be an ordinary, garden variety K2 like the rest of us plain peasants.

'Tve been reading your stuff in 73/" he began. His tone was a little patronizing, as though he were at least the book reviewer of the Sunday Times. *ifs pretty good," he says, "but Vd sure like to talk to you about one rock you pulled. I disagree with you completely on that one, Kid, Tm sure you didn't mean it the way it sounded, Dave "

This sounded serious and it piqued my curiosity, i asked him what part of the article he meant, but he demurred, saying he'd rather not discuss it on the air. He indicated that he would call me on the telephone, but did not wish to talk about it at present. I told him that I didn't mind his taking issue with what 1 had writ ten...after all, the objective of a column like mine is to provoke thought and discussion, I never intended to write the sort of mealy-mouthed ambiguity with which everyone would automatically agree, I did not set out writing for 73 merely in order to put down on paper all those things which would justify widely held opinions, merely to bolster them. I added that sometimes an opposite opinion could serve to strengthen a reader's precepts and ideas, thus could serve two opposing viewpoints.

This particular column did not carry anything too terribly controversial, for I was merely trying to show how some topics might be handled innocuously, o be honest, the piece was written more or less jocularly, with no really serious objective in mind other than to illustrate the folly of outlawing particular subjects on the ground that they are in and of themselves unsavory and unwholesome, i thought to myself, ^Perhaps he has taken exception to the part about religion. Many persons have rather thin skins on this subject, and consider it improper to discuss at all/" When I asked him about this lie said that it was not the part about religion.

By this time 1 was puzzled, and started pumping him. But he would not say anything u more than he had already said. He simply changed the subject and would not "Ldrop the other shoe/'

hen 1 began to feel the pangs of annoyance, Why should 1 have to listen to what lie had to say in the first place? He's not particularly qualified to do more than express an opinion, not being any sort of an expert, so far as [ know, Td gone over the column mentally in order to puzzle out what could have bugged liim? but couldn't imagine what it was,..unless ยก1 was the part about the pig farmer in Secaucus who ran for the

Presidency so In my article 1 alleged that he could not have done worse than some of our recent Presidents, governors, and mayors. Maybe it was that apparent irreverence that annoyed him.

Now that I think of it, [ tend to agree with him* 1 too am annoyed, I'm annoyed at myself for not saying that the pig farmer would have done better than some of our recent leaders!

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