Fm Anthology

Vol. L This hook is largely a collection from FM Bulletin, edited by K6MVH and WA8UTB. The material is taken from the editions of February 1967 through February 1968.

VoL U This book contains selected technical and construction articles taken from FM Magazine after March 1968. S3

Chronicles of an Amateur FM Channel by K6MVH

A humorous account of the antics of a group of lids during the eariy days of FM in Los Angeles. Included are detaits, schematics, and pEans for a remotely controlled amateur station. $3

RADIO DATA REFERENCE BOOK, filled with formulas, charts, design specifications for every type of circuit, antennas, power supplies, math tables, conversion tables. Hard bound. While they last— S3

cw by W6SFM explains code and how to learn it. 50i

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