If the unit being converted is a 6V model, change step 8 as follows: Remove the lead between H2-9 (transmitter supply tie strip) and K I -9/K 1-10 (relay). Connect K1-9/K1-10 to power socket pin 5. Supply filament voltage to pin 6

The octal chassis connector plug is mounted on u small aluminum plate on the metal extension above the 19-pin control connector (top side of the power supply chassis).

Note that there is very little filtering in the ac supply. The capacitance in the rig has been found to be adequate to take care of ripple. It is possible, however, that the filters in the unit may have deteriorated and lost some of their ability to filter. In that ease, replace 7em- Many units of this type have Heen subjected to considerable heal, which is rough on eiecttolytics.

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