Nothing Comes Closer Than The Swan Cx

The performance of the Swan 500CX ¡n your car may not quite equal your home station, but you will be amazed at how often the difference is very small. Many Swan mobile operators have established enviable DX records. QSL cards on file here at the factory verify solid contacts from all continents, including stations in Antarctica.

Old timers who have fought QRM with o!d style AM equipment have discovered a new world of mobile communication thanks to the power and punch of the Swan 500CX transceiver. The efficiency of the SSB mode coupled with the convenience of transceiver operation and a power fevel unmatched in the field represent a combination well worth looking into. So if you haven't heard ZL. DU or JA say "stand by, the mobile station," then put a Swan 500 CX in your car this summer!

Swan Mobilantenne Model 45e

The 500CX installs conveniently under the dash of most cars, and the power supply goes under the hood. Add the Swan Model 35 high Q single band mobile antenna, or your choice of either the Swan Model 45 or 55 band switching mobile antenna, and you can enjoy mobile operation to the fullest. Home station performance with a mobile rig? Nothing comes closer than a Swan transceiver.


Model 500CX $565

Model 14-117 DC Supply $130

Mobile Mounting Kit $12

Model 35 Single Band Antenna, from . .$20.90

Model 45 5 Band Manual Switching Antenna $79.50

Model 55 5 Band Antenna

(Remote control band selection)____$129.50

See your Swan dealer today.

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