Wintronix Model Induced Wave Form Analyzer

This unit, in conjunction with your present oscilloscope, permits you to view wavje forms in the range from audio thru MHz without any direct connection. The probe is simply placed over the tube in question and the wave form is displayed on the oscilloscope. It may also be used as a high gain amplifier to Increase 'oscope sensitivity. Excellent for T.V., radio, amplifier, and transmitter repair and maintenance. BRAND NEW, WITH PROBE. PRICE: $19.95 ea.

HP 524 COUNTER without plug in EXCELLENT CONDITION, checked out. PRICE: $199.50. . . ,SHPT. WT. APPROX 1 25#


POSITION FIXING NAVIGATION SETS freq. range 72-12Skc. This set includes:

Mark V111 Receiver Computer

Flight Log Control Display Unit (in form of a strip chart recorder) 3 Decometers I Lane Identification Meter Pre Amplifier Ree, Control Box | In the receiver there are 65 hermetically sealed-in llass crystals.

| Operating tech. manual included. BRAND NEW PRICE: $299.00. . . .SHPT. WT. 1 00#

| TS497 (SIMILAR TO MEAS. MODEL SO) Freq, range 2-400 mc. In 6 bands, checked out and GUARANTEED PRICE: $1 75.00

TORROID INVERTER POWER SUPPLY with 22 stud diodes (IN256 & 1N254) 2 power transistors, 3 VR tubes, chokes, caps., res., etc. 300-150-240 VTC output. 1 2-24V input. PRICE: $4.95

I 1 MC XTALS precision type for octal socket I P RICE : $4.95 ea.

NI-CAD BATTERIES I Nylon case kaplo 1.2V 95 amp. hour. 11 3/8" H x B%" D x 3" W. LIKE NEW. PRICE: $12.95 I 5 batteries with connecting bracket $39.95

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