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Mann Guarantee

Money refunded without question if equipment is returned within seven days from shipment, undamaged, freight prepaid.

Conditions of Sale

Unless otherwise specified, equipment is used, and is sold as-is. AM items shipped FOB Tarzana. California. Crystals, ovens, antennas not included unless specifically stated in catalog. All equipment is sold on a first'Come, first-served basis.

ann communications

RO. Box 138, 18669 Ventura Blvd., Tarzana, Calif. 91356

Phone: (213) 342-8297

savings and you don't have to lug a charger around with you.

SONAR 2301; Sonar Radio Corporation, 73 Wortman Ave., Brooklyn, New York 11207.

One of the few radios with a steel case, for rugged use. We hear that the component layout makes repair work easier, also.

UNIMETRICS MINI VOX III; Unimetrics, Inc., 39 Werman Court, Plainview, New York 11803.

Another Japanese import that looks very much like the Motorola HT 200. Aerotron also markets the same transceiver.

HALLICRAFTERS FM-1; Hallicrafters Co., 600 Hicks Road, Rolling Meadows, Illinois 60008.

Probably the most rugged of the lot. Its large size accommodates batteries that let it work for 40 hours with nicads, and even longer using standard D-size flashlight batteries (which are easy to buy anywhere). We've heard reports of the transceiver still working after such abuses as being run over by cars and rolling down hills.

MOTOROLA HT-100 (H13FFN); Motorola Communications and Electronics, Inc., 1301 E. Algonquin Road, Schaumburg, Illinois 60172.

The lightest transceiver of the lot, with easily a couple of hundred milliwatts of rf power output (though it's rated for 100 mW). Extremely sensitive receiver. It does a great job where a good repeater is within range. Very tiny (fits into the pocket). Expensive; also no mercury or alkaline battery replacement is available.


Made with lightweight solid aluminum case. Accessory jacks have waterproof covers. Many accessory options.

COMCO MODEL 802 (or COM-PAL II); Communications Company, 300 Greco Ave., Coral Gables, Florida 33 134.

This walkie-talkie is probably manufactured for more companies than any other; the same transceiver is made for Aerotron (Model DPI5), RCA (Personalfone), and Radiomarine Corporation (see product review of page 30 of FM Magazine, Volume 3, Number 6). It is a completely waterproof walkie-talkie and its plug-in circuit modules make repair very easy. A 4W rf power output unit is also available.

MOTOROLA HT-2 20 (H23FFN and H33FFN).

The newest transceiver from Motorola and a true pocket unit. Three models are available: standard, remote, and universal. The standard unit does not have an external microphone and is about $100 cheaper than the price shown on the chart. The remote unit has an external microphone/speaker (no speaker in the unit itself), its price is the one shown on the chart. The universal unit has an external microphone, but a speaker in the unit. A 5W unit is also available. Note that you can have as much as 5 MHz frequency separation without degradation, important for repeater users. A special charger allows 100% charge in one hour! A rubber-covered coil-type antenna about 6 in, long makes out-of-pocket operation easier, but it's an accessory item,

BELL AND HOWELL RELCOM III; Bell and Howell Communications Company (Formerly Kel Corp.), 186 Third Ave., Waltham, Mass. 02154.

Another true pocket model, slightly smaller and lighter than the Motorola HT-220, It has a built-in compression circuit, which lets you talk while you keep the unit in your shirt pocket. A unique fold-over antenna enhances pocket operation.

GENERAL ELECTRIC MASTR PR36; General Electric Co., Mobile Radio Dept., Lynchburg, Virginia 24502.

This is GE's newest entry and the specifications look great. It has a voice-operated transmitter that allows true hands-free operation, Another good feature is a fast charger that provides a 70% charge in 1 5 minutes!

TELETYPE! Using tape for repetitive material such as station description, over-the-air OSL, and such? You should Model 7 A tape transmitters $9.

RELAYS? W.E. Model 215A polar relays, in fine shape, $5 each; fair shape $2.50 each. Poor shape $1.

TELETYPE DISTRIBUTORS. Model 30A start stop distributors for any printers requiring separate distributors, for tape equipment, etc. Includes both transmitting and receiving distributor, Westinghouse 1/75 hp, 115 V 60 Hz, 1800 rpm motor, $17.50.

TELETYPE TAPE GEAR. Complete tape transmitter with built-in distributor, or.. $32.75. These are compact units, ideal for setting up in a line with various tape loops for standard QSO information or messages.

TELETYPE PERFORATOR. Model 2A typing perforator, good shape, does not tie up your system when you are making tapes. $35.

TELETYPE TAPE DISTRIBUTOR. Model 7A tape distributor (matches 7A tape transmitters) with plug-in jacfc for 7A tape head, $14.90.

TELETYPE DISTRIBUTOR. Model 73 distributor (see page 100 of HAM-RTTY book) for use with tape transmitters, printers with no distributors, etc., S 10.

TELETYPE PRINTER. Strip printer for those interested in a compact unit, less than one cubic foot in size! Model 401. Allows you to copy signals off the air while cutting tape in answer without tying up your regular page printer. Prints on standard 5/32" tape. $45 in good shape, S25 not in gooci shape.

All units in short supply; first come, first served. AH sold FOB N.H. Quality of the units varies fronvnew to dirty and ugh. Early orders will get best gear. All units are priced at ugh condition price so if you get a new unit, be glad; if you get an ugh model, be thankful that you got one at all. Send check or money order to Radio Bookshop, Peterborough IMH 03453. USA only, please. And include postage unless you want units sent collect by UPS or Railway Express.

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