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It is not impossible to pass the General (or Technician ) Class amateur license exam if you haven't read this superb license study course. Dozens of amateurs have managed, though some have had to make several $9 stabs at it to get by. Now, being realistic, isn't it only practical to invest a lousy $5,95 in this incredible book to make sure you don't blow that S9 bet (plus all the inconvenience, expense, nervous frustration and embarrassment of failure) that you can pass the first time around?

In the past most amateurs have relied upon a memorization book put out by a small group of inactive professional amateurs and the FCC statistics tell the sad story only too well - failure - time after time as the hastily crammed memories blanked out under the pressure of the steely-eyed FCC examiner. Was that a sneer when the flunked exam was announced?

Then along came the 73 study series, prepared by live amateurs - active amateurs - a study course which enabled amateurs for the first time to really understand

the answers to the exam questions rather than just try and memorize them. Hundreds (hell, thousands!) of happy users of our Advanced and Extra Class courses have written to say that they got them through the exam slick as a whistle the very first time out. Many report that our courses are so simply written that they didn't even have to study them, just read them through and they understood what they had been afraid was going to be engineering-level theory.

This General Class course has been gathered up into one handy book and is now available at the ridiculous bargain price of only S5.95 postpaid. It fills well over 300 pages, is profusely illustrated, and lists all of the latest FCC study questions, and even has a really great index. A steal at 25.95.

If you plan on passing this tremendous book on to your heirs you might want to spend the extra and invest in the hard cover model, handsomely gold embossed for $8.95.

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