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readouts mount right on the main board, using 9-pin miniature tube sockets.

Minitron and LED readouts need a separate board to hold the readouts. For the Minitron you can use perf-board with holes on O.l " centers. The LED readout, however, needs I 50£2 current limiting resistors, and so we have designed a 3 x 7 in. p.c. board to hold the five LED readouts, the current limiting resistors, and a single red LED diode for the over-range indicator.

If you use the Numitrons or Minitrons, you will need a separate 3V lamp power supply, as well as a driver transistor for the over-range lamp. Except for the lamp supply power transformer, all other components mount on the main p.c. board*

Finally, part E of the parts list gives some of the miscellaneous parts you will need to complete the counter. As far as the cabinet is concerned, you're on your own. Our prototype (shown in the photos) used a Bud "Til t-a-View" cabinet (TV-2I55) but this cabinet is a lot bigger than you need. We wanted to leave everything open so it would be visible on the photos, but the counter can be crammed into a small cabinet, with the

power supply stacked above or below the main board.

Next month we will continue with more information. . . .K20AW

FREQUENCY COUNTER PARTS LIST A. Basic counter - fe&s readouts, scaler, power supply

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