Worked M;iss* Cities & Towns

Contest, 0001 CiM I June fl to 0400 iMT June 15, I'his is a maximum ol 100 hours. Exchange: Signal report, 3ty (or Town). County, and State, icoring: One point for each Mussaehu-.etts station worked regardless of land. Final score is the number of lifferent Mass, stations times the lumber ol different incorporated Aii^s, Cities & rowns worked. Openi-ors may enter as single band or nulti-haml stations. A certificate will >e issued to the winner in each State, Province, and C'nuntry in each class, n case of ties, the entry having worked the most Counties shall have he higher position, I-'ntries must be eceived no later than July 31. 1972. Entries must show date and time of v4ass. stations worked plus the L ex-;hange" information. Submit entries :o Warren Baker W1DFR. 66 Rex ford St., Mattapan MA 02126.

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