In your Feb. 1972 73 Magazine I noticed an error in your "Tuning Mr. Morse's Key" article 1 lie photos on pages ! 7 ami IX of holding I he manual key and bug paddles have reversed captions. Check and you wifl see!

Peier K* Brown WA2PTW

That's not a bug paddle, it is a keyer paddle

Morse Memory - Revisited

As a result of several letters and my own review of the Morse Memory ( 7.> December 1971 I have reviewed the article and the following corrections should be made:

1. In Fig. 1 an arrow is missing from the Memory Address to the Memory,

In Fig. the Q ourput of \ii should be pin 6.

3. In Fig. 2 there should he switches shown from the four AI ga tes.

4. In Fig. 2 the CS siwtches at the very rop must have the unused terminal on each switch connected to

5 There are a couple of discrepancies between Fig. 6 and fig, 2. A7 (Fig.2I is not shown in Fig. 6. A7 (Fig. U) is the 8 input NAND gate in fig, J!. I he 1 Ok resistor in A 5 \ Fig h i should go to pin 9. Pin 13 of A3 l! ig. G) should be DATA 1.

Now for Fig. 5: the -9 volt supply is obviously wrong. I built it with the bridge reversed and Q3 is PNI\ Instead of the GE vstr lor Q3 a 2N408 would be appropriate. Also T3 should be marked 1 2.6 volts.

Fm sorry for the inconvenience this caused the many people who wrote to me, and the many more who didn't. The Morse Memory does work. Ciood luck.

How about more articles on 6 meter FM & SSB operation. 2m has been fully exploited. For heaven's sake, keep us posted on FCC rulings on FM repeater Operation! Much needed around here!

Mike, K7LYK Seattle WA

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