Intensity Amplitude Modulation

Amateur Do-it-Yourself Directive Displacement Modulation Guaranteed FIAM Specifications:

The~only known modulation system that is compatible w«th AM & SSB. (When Receiver is corrected as recommended,)

Uses the same FIAM control unit for 6 thru 20 m.

Yagi Antennas.

Tests indicate less cross talk

Free typical FIAM Receiver Adaptation details.

FIAM Construction & Operation Manual. (Postage

2 Modulation Control units 36.95

Postage Si H.C. for item 3 50

Additional components (purchased from others). 40.00j

Light Emitting Diodes

Popular Man-1 Equivalent — 14 Pin Dual-ln-Line Package — Operates on standard 5 volt IC logic supply —



7430, 7440, 7450 30

7473, 7475 65

0 0

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