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Allow me to congratulate you on helping me pass my Fxtra theory exam. The series you ran in 73 was most helpful and rather painless. I have had success with others using your General series, also.

Jefferson Junior High of Champaign has a ham radio club which was formed last spring, ( am their sponsor and teach Math and Science there for Seventh grade.

William B, Vokae K9WQY

Mansfield, tl

Ith sure good the way you fellows get info in one place and in a form even one as nontechnical as I can Ltdig." Good? It's great!

Sara A. Thompson Houston, TX


This is ¡List a short note to make several points. The first is 1 enjoyed the February 1972 issue more than any since I started reading 73 two years ago. The QRP projects are probably the best way to go for those who wish to put some zip back in their operating time and get into the ho ire-brew game.

The second point is that I believe the manner in which you have organized your journal, monthly topics, is very useful. The ideas m one article reinforce those in another, which at the same time serves to generate new ideas and approaches to a subject.

And now my third point. Do you think you could prevail on the Tempo people to come out with some information on the new 2m AM/FM transceiver you discussed in an editorial in the fall and that was advertised in the November 1971 issue? ! would like to know when they intend to market it

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