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After seeing your "Dycomm Demand" story in the April issue J thought I would share with you an experience I have had with the good folks at Dycomm.

December 21. 1**71, 1 wrote Jim Penny at Dycomm and indicated our CD group was in tfie process of installing a repeater and I wanted information on the Dycomm repeater, We had been considering a Motorola unit* Two months passed, we had our money in our hands, but no word from Dycomm.

I called Dycomm the latter part of January, talked to the secretary who answered the phone, explained to her the situation, and she said that Penny was in a conference with everybody else and couldn't be disturbed. She acknowledged receipt of my letter and said that she would have him either call me back or get a letter out to me in the next day's maiL Two weeks later, nothing.

A friend who is the owner of a nearby repeater saw me a week later and I told him of my unsuccessful attempt to buy a repeater from Dycomm (lie had ordered a Dycomm machine earlier but had not received it) and he said he would be talking to Penny in a few days and would mention my plight, which lie did. He Told me that Penny was sorrv as hell and had misplaced my letter and would I please by so kind as to drop him another letter which I did. 1 sent him a Xerox of the first letter to him with a note at rhe bottom telling him that I had also called him. To this date I have not heard from Dycomm We have since bought a solid state GE repeater ($700),

1 thought you would be interested in how one of your advertisers responds to requests for information. Also I guess you are not the only one who has trouble getting them to read their mail.

Name w ilhlield

No further ads will he accepted from Dycomm for the Repeater Bulletin, 73 Magazine, or any other 73 publications


You are probably wondering why i took so long to renew so I N tell you. I was considering dropping you because I did not like your sideways format and the fine print was too much strain on my farsighted eyes, and alio you did not put your yearly index m the Dec, 1971 issue. What I do like is your construction articles and also you keep me posted on what the other mags do wrong, I get them all.

Please push for more activity on 220 MHz even if it is FM repeaters so we doirt lose it, I am a 2 meter AM operator and also some ft meter SSLL I have also operated on 220 but there wasn't much activity so f shelved it temporarily, 1 decided to give you another chance so don't disappoint me with any more cockeyed formats.

Joe Murphy WA2FEK


Reading your January issue, there is a letter from Ed Brooks Jr. W3GAB, Well I agree with him him 100% about the EIA proposal to allocate 146-148 MHz to CB hobby operations. Why get another mess started. If you give them another one of our bands, they may at a later date want more. As the saying goes, you give them an inch and they will take a mile. I know several CBers who are running against every regulation the FCC has put forth. I have converted a few of them to amateur radio. 1 showed them how easy it was ro get a Novice ticket. 1 believe that if everyone who is a ham would get together with the CBers and show them how easy it is to become a ham operator, there wouldn't be a need for the EIA proposal at all.

William I) Steen WA6HBM

This is where the local hum club plays a role in building PR With another few hundred thousand hams our voice would he much louder

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