What You See Is What

when buying 2 meter FM equipment (or any other Ham gear, for that matter).

SWAN ELECTRONICS gives you much more —a lot of which you can't see!

INVESTIGATE BEFORE YOU BUY! Compare Swan's FM-121 OA for, example, to other 2 meter FM transceivers with a rated RF output of 10 watts, The FM-121 OA gives you;

■ 144 channel combinations through independent switching of 12 transmit and 12 receive frequencies from 144 to 148 mHz,

• Eight crystals (not just 3) . . . TRANSMIT: 146.22, 146.34, 146,76 & 146.94 mHz; RECEIVE: 146.28, 146.76, 146.88 & 146.94 mHz.

• A 16.9 mHz crystal lattice filter for adjacent channel rejection of —55 db providing greatly improved selectivity.

• A fully solid state transmitter with automatic protection of the output transistor from improper-load damage.

• A crystal oven for superior stability of ± .001% from —30c to + 50*C, (Who else gives you this for 2 meters?)

■ A squelch threshold of less than 0.3 mv with 2 watts of clear reception at less than 10% distortion,

PLUS: A heavy-duty pedestal type AC power supply, dynamic microphone, antenna connector plug, spare fuses and lamps, DC power cord, and mobile mounting bracket.

FM-1210A Transceiver $329.00

Write for your free copy of Swan's 1972 Spring catalog containing complete details and specifications on the full line of Swan products.

2 Meter FM Economy is available with the SWAN FM-2X . . everything you need for AC or DC operation is included at one low price, just hook up your antenna and you're on the air Frequency coverage extends from 144 to 148 mHz over 12 channels. Crystals are installed for Channel 1 to transmit and receive on 146.94 mHz; Channel 2 to transmit on 146.34 and receive on 146.94 mHz; Channel 3 to transmit on 146.34 and receive on 146.76 mHz. 10 watt RF output. Microphone, AC power supply, DC power cord and mobile mounting bracket furnished.

FM-2X Transceiver $259.00

When reaching out for long range contacts, Swan's VHF-150 Linear Amplifier is a perfect companion to the FM-121 OA or the FM-2X. Operates class "C" at 150 watts DC input on CW or FM with a frequency range of 143 to 149 mHz. A flip of a switch gives you 180 watts ot PEP when working SSB class "B" its self-contained AC power supply is designed for continuous operation, and a DC converter is available for mobile installations.

VHF-150 Linear Amplifier $279.00

14C DC Converter $ 65,00

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