Spectronics Frequency Counter Model Yc

A portable 5 Hz to 30 MHz frequency counter - is being introduced by Yaesu Musen. Ltd, (Tokyo), through the company's North American distributor, Spectronics Inc., Signai Hill, California.

The new counter, designated Model YC-305. leatures a dual-range system that provides 8-digit measurement with MHz or kHz indications, Tiie unit will operate from a power source of 117V ac or I2V dc. Accuracy is ± time-base stability of 5 PPM ± one count.

Overall size is 8*4 by 3% x 10^ in. Weight is 8 lbs. The unit is warranteed for one year and is priced at S249»5.

Further information on the Yaesu Model YC-305 is available from Spec-ironicst inc., ¡491 East 28th Sired, Signal Hill CA 90806. Phone: 213-426-2593.

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