components. Be careful, though, since some of the jumpers run under IC sockets.

In order to explain where all the p.c. board mounted parts go, we have broken up the main board into smaller sections, shown in Figs. 14 through 19. Each of these takes one or two of the main circuits shown in the diagrams last month, and shows the actual .layout of the parts. In each drawing, a small sketch in the corner shows where to find that circuit on the overall board. In all of these pictures we are looking at the copper side of the board — the components themselves actually mount on the other side of the board.

Orientation of the FETs is shown on the layout drawings. The letters B, C, and E indicate the way regular transistors plug into the board. The LM309H on the VCO section of the board plugs in (from the non-copper side of the board, naturally) so

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