Large Y*" 7-segment LEO readout similar to the popular MAN-1 but with improved brightness. Ha« left-hand decimal point. Fits in a DIP socket Expected life: Over 100 Yrs. Regularly $12.95 in single Lots. These are BRAND NEW with full data sheet and 4-page MULTIPLEXING Application Note. Needs a 7447 for driver and ONE CURRENT-LIMITING RESISTOR PER SEGMENT. We can supply you with one or ten thousand FROM STOCK. Also available, ±1 OVERFLOW digit at the same prices. Mixing of Regular & Overflow digit allowed.

Package of 8, WW Limiting Rs

Incandescent Type of 7-segment display. With right-hand decimal point. Rated 8mA per segment at TTL supply of SV. Design life of 50,000 hours. Needs a 7447 as a driver. In DIP Package. Each $3.25

M0LEX iC SOCKET PINS: Use these economical pins instead of soldering your IC'S to PC boards. Sold in continuous strips in multiples of 100 pins only.

100 for $1.00; 200 for. $1.80; 300 for $2.60 ;400 for $3.40; 500 for $4.20; 600 for $5.00;700 for $5.80; 800 for $6.60; 900 for $7.40;1000 for $8.20. Each Additional 1000 $7.50

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