1. The amount of opposite magnetomotive force necessary to eliminate residual magnetism.

5. Devices used for determining whether a specified dimension is within specified limits. Describes how a control system or an individual unit carries on with respect to time. (2 wds).

No Connection. Abbr. Prefix meaning one-billionth. Explosive.

14. Body of water.

16. A device having two electrodes, the cathode and the piate.

17. Outside dimension. Abbr.

18. The maximum useful distance of a radar or radio transmitter.

22. The medium that was once supposed to fill all space and through which radio, heat, and light waves were supposed tD travel.

29. Unit of electrical resistance.

31. Document. Abbr.

32. Measure of land.

35. In control systems, the reference input minus the primary feedback.

36. A revolving plate mounted at the front of some television cameras carrying two or more lenses, for rapid interchange.

37. One of a group of gases that will not combine with another element (2 wds).

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