CX7A - Deluxe integrated station $2395

Still top of the Line — even greater quality and reliability than ever before

CX-10 - Integrated station $1795

Single VFO, P/S-10 required, optional built-in Keyer

C R-1200 State-of-the-Art Receiver $1095

Single VFO, J.F. Shift, blanker, high sensitivity—selectivity

CT-1500 State-of-the-Art transmitter $1450

Single VFO, 300 watts, P/S-10 required

CR-1500 — Special Application Receiver $1650 dual VFO's

EV-10 - External VFO for CX-10 $225

SC-10 - Stati on Console $350

CX-2X — Two meter Transverter $460

Phone/write DON PAYNE, K4ID,for a brochure, personalized service, and a KING-SIZE trade-in on any gear you have - one piece - or the whole Station. A small deposit will reserve any piece of signal/one equipment as it becomes available.

Phone six days 1615) 384-5573

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