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A brand new 220 MHz solid state AM/FM transceiver. The 220 TR's power output is 4 Watts on FM, 1.5 Watts on AM. The receiver is double conversion with a tunable receiver. FM is detected by a limiter discriminator featuring full noise saturation for weak signal reception. AM signals are detected by a bridge diode detector and full AGC is employed to make the most high powered signals distortion free. Sensitivity is typically .3 microvolts for 20 db quieting. Tuning is accomplished in two bands, 220222.5 MHz and 222.5-225 MHz. Its size .. only 7"W x 2%" H x 10V2" D. Its price .. only $220.00

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So much for so little! This little 10 Watt VHF FM transceiver offers high quality performance and features usually found only on more expensive units. Features such as AFC on receive and separate switchable Transmit/Receive sections. Includes mounting bracket, heavy duty power cord and provisions for accessory AC power supply. Frequency: 146-148 MHz, 11 channels, 25 KHz channel spacing, 13.8 VDC ±10% operation (standby -100 ma, receive -150 ma, transmit -3.0 amp.) The price: $199.00

Miniature power houses! Operates directly from a 12 VDC power source, automatic antenna switching, incorporates Balanced Emitter transistors and state of the art design practices, making it virtually immune to damage due to high VSWR or misloading conditions.

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