Ten Meter Cubical Quad

(all use single coax feedline)

How to order: Send money order only

'Just a note to let you know that as a Novice, your 3-E1. 15 Beam got me K.I Section Winner and New England Division Leader in Novice Round-up. See June QST, p. 57 for picture of ant,, (below). Tnx for a line working piece of gear. 73s, Jay, WA1JFG-'

Compare the performance, value, ^ and price of the following beams and you will see that ' this offer is unprecedented ill radio history! Each beam is brand new! full size (.16' of tubing for each 20 meter element for instance); absolutely complete including a boom and all hardware: uses a single 52 or 72 ohm coaxial feedline; the SWR is 1:1; easily handles 5 K.W; and 1" aluminum alloy tubing is employed for maximum strength anil low wind loading; all beams are adjustable to any frequency in the band.

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