only crystal 1 had on hand for the 220 band was a 38.667 job, which means multiplying by six. You should order your 220 channel crystals first and use Ihe higher mode (220 plus .10.7). You can get this by quintupling from around 46 MHz, etc. Standard frequency crystals for the 220 FM band channels are shown in the Repeater Bulletin.

You can transfer energy from the quintuplet coil to gate No. 2 of the mixer in several ways, but the method shown in Fig. 10 produced the greatest sensitivity. The series coupling capacitor can be used to tune L2. In case it does not, add the optional capacitor shown in Fig. 9. When checking the quintupler for output you should of course use the shunt capacitor to tune L2. Note again that you should have some L.O. power "left over" — otherwise you will not

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