FAIRCHILD VOLTAGE REGULATORS This ii the (JA 7800 Senes Three terminal régula tot, tm iih thermal overload pro-

tecrrton Ahd internat currçni Smiting, rruk mt et ment m'¡y blow-out p^ool Because simple circuitry ii uu=d iVith this device, designing rncjLjJatfrrf po^er supplier ii ducK soup. Output it rated ar 0 to 1 ampete; mjHimurn input voltage if 35 volis. Choice oi voltages ^,0,8,12,15,18.or 24 VoUa. Order ai 7B05, 7BOG, 7800, rite

Voltage Regulator (Specify Vol lay fil S2.00

SHRINK TUBING. B and F has a truckload of Shrink tub4flg. but we still expect it to go fsst. If you have ever used shrink, you know it is indispensable for elect ron It corn truction, Wadrf a vi're too ihon? Just splice and shrink tubing it and it will k*?k like new. Pin* too close? Sarre solution. Enoellent results wrtti hot-au gun. tolttering ironh O' even much This is polyoleiin >r pe where outeT wall Shrinks, inner wall melts to encapsulate wire,

SHRINK TUBING ASSORTMENT, 25 feet each, of 1/S, 3/1 Gp 1/4 inch tubing S5.00


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NK.ïftftFunr liith ItriifiahK T^rw Knc-odir.. 34-65

\E595 Four ^uadroiil Multiplier S3.75

o ME555 Timet, 2u Ser to I boar. Spiral... SL25 [1 Send S 25 lor latest Catalog.

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