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LETTERS continued from page ¡47.

As you probabiy already know, the ARRL has filed a petition for partial reconsideration of FCC actions in dockei 19162 to amend that action to allow General and Conditional Class phone operation in the 3825-4000 kHz band as* opposed to the 3890-4000 kHz authorized by docket 19162. I feel the League makes some very sound arguments for this reform, I'm sure that many of your readers also support this reform.

I call upon all fellow amateurs to study the League's petition and give it wholehearted support. The paltry additional 10 kHz authorized by docket 19162 borders on insult in view of the fact thai incentive licensing has been in effect since Nov. 22, 1968, and its effects on 75 meter phone operation are easily observable. Let's make our selves heard! Send letters and com ments to the League HQ, the ARRL Division Directors and/or direct to the FCC (don't forget the 14 copies if you write to the FCC)... but Speak Up Now!!!!

Let's have Seventy Five for Seventy Five!

Dave Stamps WIFUF Grotun CT

May I relate my experience in trying to purchase specific equipment.

After wasting a month, trying to get an Arnperex-TAA-300-16, by writ ing to so-called big transistor distribu tors and getting, "Sorry, do not carry" and "no got's," 1 finally wrote the manufacturer. They sent data sheets I requested and forwarded my letter to their local distributor. He had the little gems and at a substantial reduction in price.

So if you have trouble tracking down a certain part, you might try this method.

George Browt W9TQN

Chicago IL

I still think 73 magazine is the best of the radio publications, i would like to see more articles on RTTY and its

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application. Aiso I would like to see articles on new types of high frequency antennas. I am sure there are som e that a lot of us are not aware of and would like to know about. One I have heard of on the air is the Coaxial Dipofe. f personally believe the antenna is not stressed enough in our world. The iatest interest seems to be how much power a fellow can run and how much compression and processing he can get into the audio and still have it intelligible. These guys apparently have not discovered uiat it is the radiated power that counts. The old axiom, "If you can't hear them, you can't work them," also applies.

William A. Brink WA6COB

San Jose CA

Your editorial in ihe first pages of the December issue of 73 hits the nail on the head. Dannals really is a politican; hopefully he will make good on his promise. Further on you say that if each ham put up a buck, we coutd get a good lobby in Here's my plan:

Ham radio has often beer^classifiea with CB as a nuisance of TV1, Dick Tracy, criminal activity (see events in England and Germany during the past year where crooks used radios, called "ham" by Jocat press), and other nefarious deeds. Perhaps the Institute of Amateur Radio barrtstered by some good! ham attorneys could get some money by suing the TV networks for defamation of character or some such charge. Evidence: On the first episode of Search with Hugh O'Brtan, there was a reference to crooks using two-way radios, walkie-talkies, and Burgess Meredith was directed to search the ham bands to see if he could detect the criminals in conversation. On ironsides, 71/23/72, the master crook, with a touch of paranoia, communicated with the chief on 3.8 MHz, Since he was a pilot, a quick review of all people with pilot's licenses and ham tickets narrowed the hunt. Upon inspecting the criminal's apartment, wires were found and the detective asked if there had been any complaints of interference to televisions.

These are two most recent events in my mind that tend to blur the positive image of our hobby. What can we do to combine this slur with a positive action that would help us. There must be a few hams in Hollywood that can either write better scripts for the mention of ham radio, and there must be more than a few people in radio-land that would want to help our hobby to the extent of hurting the networks. We all know the ARRL wouldn't make a wavQ as big as this one could be.

Eric Falkof K1NUN

In the last few years a group of us here at the University of Michigan have attempted to operate a club station (W8PGW), mainly for public service activities such as phone patching. Being located in an area of high population density, we have experi enced constant difficulties with TV! and RFI (hi-fi and audio interference). The hassles, legal and otherwise, are truly too numerous to mention, but the resuit is our belief that TVl-RFI is the most dangerous problem facing amateur radio today.

The amount of ill will generated by even a few incidents of interference is unbelievable, much more than any number of Field Day articles or county fair stations could nullify. Once a person sees interference bars on his TV or hears SSB on his stereo, he may be immune to reason for the rest of his life (we've seen too many demolished antennas and received too many threatening phone calls to expect much rationality or even cour tesy from most people!}. More and more of the hams we work are facing these same difficulties, and we find the residue of bad feelings among the general public to be of horrifying proportions.

The major source of the problem is the proliferation of junk audio gear on the market today. Shielding, bypassing, and even metal chassis are unheard-of iuxuries. Shoddiness is the rule rather than the exception in most audio gear as well as TVs sold today, in thfc apartment house where I live, at least 75% of the stereo equipment, inciuding some component amplifiers in the S30G plus bracket, were aftec-ted by my small transceiver.

All amateurs must assume responsibility for being knowledgeable about the causes and cures of TVl and RFI at the receiving end, as well as the technical standards within the shack that we have always taken for granted. CareFul bibliographic research of all ham publications might be in order, as well as concerted effort to gather new ideas and approaches as they come up (could 73 help here?), I'd also like to see appropriate questions on this problem in the General Class exam - it's as relevant a topic today as any. Moreover, hams may well have to accept the cost of shielded speaker cable, high pass filters, capacitors, and the like to relieve individual problems. Unfa"? Very — but a necessary price for our survival. These problems are what give substance to the spectre of dangerous legislation and court action that haunts amateur radio.

The only lasting answer, however, is to get this flood of junk equpment improved or banned from sale. However, if we hams get feisty without national organizations and lobbies to back us up, we can expect the manu facturers and importers of this junk to work that much harder for the elimi nation of the amateur service, And think how much our PR troubles help their cause! Once again, Wayne, you may be our only hope.

William M. Klykvlo WA8FOX

Ann Arbor Ml if you are depending on me you are rowing with a mighty weak oar. , . Wayne.



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