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The FM Used Equipment People 243 Route 46, Saddle Brook, N. J. 07662

Phone (201) 489*9000 Hont

2 Meter Mobile Units

14" case (less accessories & ovens)

6/12 volts, 30 watts, vibrator power supply

12 volts, 30 watts, transistor power supply

Accessories available for each of above units

Just Arrived! General electric "Message Mates" High Band

Receivers with SEL-Ca/f.

G.E. PROGRESS LINE STRIPS physically complete, but sold on an as-is basis only





Power supply, 30W, less vibrator_J20__—__S20__—__S20

Power supply, 60W, less vibrator__— $25__—__$25__—

TX narrow band,

Jess final tubes $18 $25 $25 $30 $12 Note: MA/E42 wide band_____

14" Progress Line Case, consisting of front basket and front plate with lock ... .. $

Low band dual front end, 2 freq. strip $

Hi-Band TPL RX with TX exciter strips less speaker, as is, missing parts S

15,000 2-way FM mobile units in stock! Send for new '73% catalog


''YANKEE TRADER" 180 foot, 1100 steel hulled vessel, formerly well known for Coast Guard research, is now being refitted and air-conditioned in Miami by Captain Mike Burke of Windjammer Cruises1 fame. The yacht has traveled to the seven seas, and will once again embark on a pfeasure seeking adventure around the world beginning on January 15, 1973 for a nine month cruise following the trade winds in southern waters. Shipmates who will share in the adventure and expenses are presently sought for the voyage which will feature the barefooted informality traditional to Windjammer Cruises, She will visit famous, tropical island ports of call such as Galapagos, Easter Island, Tahiti, Bali, Madagascar, Martinique. The group will explore, skin dive, sightsee, take photographs, or just loaf in luxury yachting style known only to a few millionaires — and they'll do it at the unheard of rate of $18 a day. For details and applications for the 'round the world voyage, as well as the shorter 10 day Caribbean cruises, contact Captain Mike Burke, Windjammer Cruises, P.O. Box 120, Miami Beach, Florida 33139,

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