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607-i course, be eliminated for use of the unit as a straight audio amplifier. It was added because of the specific use for which the accessory unit was intended operation of a portable transceiver in a mobile situation since most portable transceivers do not contain noise limiter circuits. The capacitor values shown are not critical in an application where speech response only is required and similar units of perhaps as little as half the capacitance values shown may be used.


The photograph shows how the amplifier unit is mounted inside a simple loudspeaker enclosure. The BHA-0004 is simply fastened to the back of the loudspeaker face by epoxy cement. This method of mounting appears simple but is actually extremely secure. In fact, it may be undesirable in some cases since the unit cannot be removed without breaking it, other than by the use of special epoxy cement solvent. The capacitors are wired directly to the amplifier unit and between the unit and the potentiometers mounted on the loudspeaker enclosure walL Che re are no adjustments that need be made to the completed unit.


The compacting and simplification of the audio portion of communications receivers has really reached a new point of development with units such as the BHA-0004. Aside from the extreme convenience in construction, the greater cost of separate solid-state components for similar performance alone augurs for the greater use of such amplifier units in amateur designs,

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