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The following list of gear, unless otherwise noted, consists of brand f new equipment purchased for testing purposes only. Some have been tested, some remain unopened in original cartons, We are offering this gear at a considerable discount on a first-come-first-served basis, Hallicrafters FPM 300 SSB xcvr $480

Heath IB 101 and

Vanguard Scaler $250

Miida Digipet 60 counter with Digipet 160 converter $400

Tempo CL 220 220 xcvr $265

HR2MS 8 ch scanning 2m xcvr 7 5W $255

T1VIE-H-LMU 16 ch scanning rcvr 6/2/%m $255

Digital Logiclocks S80

FOR SALE TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER - Collins KWM2-A, AC power supply, station control, 30-L1 Linear Amplifier, mobile mike — offered as one unit . . . Complete Collins S Line: 31 S3, 75S3, AC power supply, station control, recently calibrated by Collins. Excellent condition. Send offers to: WA2KNC Jack Aviv, 106 Glenn Avenue, Lakewood, NJ 08707.


KIT for K7YZZ 11//' Plumbicon type camera circuit (re.r 73 Magazine, Sept. 72) complete with reprint article, $19.95 postpaid in U.S. and Canada. Also Fast scan 1%" coil kits as weN as many other SSTV kits, parts and plans. See regular ad elsewhere in magazine. Write or phone for free catalog. ATV RESEARCH, 1301 N. Broadway, Dept, 73C, Dakota City, Nebr. 68731,

"Don arid Bob" guaranteed buys, Triex W-51 386.00; MW50 250,75; IV1W65 331.50; Ham-M 99.00; TR44 59.95; AR22R 31.95; Belden 8214 RG8 foam coax I7d/ft; 8448 rotor cable tOst/ft; HyGain TH6DXX 139.00; 204BA 129,00; TH3MK3 114.00; 400 rotor 179.95; Mosley CL36 149,00; CL33 124,00; TA33 114.00; MCQ3B 91.00; S402 143.00; 3/16" cable clamp 18d; Mai lory 2.5A/1000PI V epoxy diode Polygon fiberglas spreader 7.50; KY65 code ID 5.95; write quote Midland, Regency; Clegg iFM27B; Hallicrafters FPM300A; Drake, SBE, Standard, Eimac, Collins, CDE Replacement parts. Shipping charges collect; warranty guaranteed. Mastercharge, SAC, Madison Electronics, 1508 McKinney, Houston, Texas 77002. (713} 224-2668.

TECH MANUALS for Govt surplus gear only $6.50 each: R-389/URR, R-390/U R Rf T S- 4 9 7B/U R R, CV-591A/UR R, URM-25D, TT-63A/ FGC, TS-382D/U, URM-32. W3IHD, 7218 Roanne Drive, Washington, DC 20021.

FREE KIT CATALOG: Tone encoders, Decoders, Scramblers, Alarms, Sounders, Automatic Telephone Recorder Phone Patch, IC Kits and more. KRYSTAL KITS, 2202 S.E. 14th, Bentonville, Arkansas 72712.

HR-2, twelve channels, fully crystalled, pre-amp, A/C supply, nicad field pack, charger, antenna, $280, 10w/50w Dycomm, $70. Bruce Berg, 13 Lisa La., Cherry Hill, N.J. 08003.

SALE Drake TR-4, RV-4, AC-4 mint condition $500. WA3QNS J. Reed, 1031 W, Lafayette St., Norristown, Pa. 19401, 215-279-1517.

GREAT CIRCLE BEARING CHARTS, Computer generated for your exact QTH. Each chart gives bearings, distances, and return bearings for 660 locations throughout the world, and consists of six handy-sized 81/i x 11 inch pages. Price $7.00 postpaid worldwide, This non-profit project described in detail in Ham Radio Magazine {New Products) March 1973, and Radio Communication (article) November 1972. Send name and address; name of town for which you want the chart (if rural area, or under 10,000 population, include latitude and longitude or carefully describe location); $1.00. To: Great Circle, 1808 Pomona Drive, Las Cruces, New Mexico 88001.

CANADIANS-FREE 120 page Electronics Catalog. ETCO B, 474 McGill, Montreal.

DELMARVA HAMFEST - August 19, 1973. Harrington Fairgrounds, Registration fee $2 advance, $3 at the gate. For information, write Delmarva Hamfest, Inc,, Route 2, Box 90, Laurel, Del. 19956.

HOOSI ER ELECTRONICS - Your ham headquarters in the heart of the Midwest where only the finest amateur equipment is sold. Individual, personal service by experienced and active hams. Factory-authorized dealers for Drake, Regency, Standard, Ten-Tec, Galaxy, Hy-Gain, CushCraft, Mosley, Ham-M, Hustler, electronic pocket calculators, plus many more. Orders for in-stock merchandise ship* ped the same day. Write or call today for our quote and try our personal, friendly Hoosier service. Hoosier Electronics, R.R. 25, Box 403, Terre Haute, Indiana 47802. (812)894-2397.

WANTED: Touch-tone receiver SD94148. Sefl: Gonset Aircraft Tuner (108-128 M.C.) w/squelch; Topaz 250 watt mobile power supply. #2E; 1301 W. Estes; Chicago, 111. 60626,

HT-220 two watt two channel with case — best offer over $75. Box 12, 73 Magazine, Peterborough NH 03458.

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The GAM Line

Famous for POWER . . . powerful performance, VHF/Antennas • BASE/MOBILE

144 to 160 MHz

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