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19 Mobile Burglar Alarm System WA4SAM

Beit beeping burgJar baffler,

25 The Burst Box WA7NMO

A real tone-ic for the FMer.

29 Power inverter w/Sine Wave Output , . . W70XD

For people with short extension cords.

33 450 MHz Preamp WB6BIH

1 0 dB gain on the receiver is a Jot easier than on the transmitter.

39 Roof Mounted VHF Whips WB6HYD

Phacts and phaJlacies.

47 LED Readout Crystal Switch WA3AJR

Make everyone green with envy,

53 Voltage Limit Sensor W4UXJ

Car battery warning light.

55 Build a Digital Clock with 19 inexpensive fCs WA6QVQ

Is th$ round clock doomed?

61 Portable Use for the Hfl-2A W2KPE

Judi Repealer approves of this.

63 Fixed and Mobile 2m Antennas WB8HEE

How to make your car look ridiculous.

65 Two Meter FM Transmitter WB6BIH

Roll your own.

71 Mini-Repeater Control System, Part II WA0ZHT

Have you >ead the book yet?

81 Audio Boost for Mobile Transceivers W2EEY

Mobile audio booster IC.

83 6m 5W Amplifier . K1CLL

For the kitchen table builder.

89 Hand Transceiver Madness W2NSD/1

Got yours yet?

93 QFSP on 180 kHz W5SOT

Tried 1 700m yet?

97 Solid State Automobile Burglar Alarm WA1KON

Blows horn or siren.

105 Circuits, Circuits, Circuits WR1AAB

Keep 'em coming.

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