This new 73 book, by W2NSD/1, gives you the basics of 2m FM operation. . .and gets you on FM quickly and easily. A fast reading of "How to Use FM" can help you avoid beginne V pitfalls.. .opens the door to a world of fun and friendly people. Order your

today with the coupon below!

73 Magazine, Peterborough NH 03458

Enclosed is S

. Please rush copies (@ $1.50) of "How To Use FM" to:


Mi 03458


Mi 03458

, Please rush

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Enclosed is $_

copies (<® SI.50) of the 1973 FM Repeater Atlas to:


Complete up-to-date list of repealers for the entire world! Maps pinpoint

U.S. and Canadian repeaters and all i I* I

listings contain call, location, I requeue \ and access requirements* The Atlas features a concise FM repeaters and a section on How | To Use Repeaters hy W2NSD/1. It you re using r now t. . if

Add ress

you're planning to join the fun on FM * - . vou need this book nowl Send the coupon in tuda\.



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