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01 - TRW PT5757 CI 51 pF 5%, DIPMICA C2, C4 - 8-60 pF C3 - 100 pF DISC C5 - ,001 /iF DISC C6 - .01 ^F DISC C7- A pF DISC

T1 - 4:1 transmission line transfor mer, made up of a 3" length of twisted pair, no. 20 enameled wire,

Janel Labs has announced a new crystal-controlled two meter converter that combines performance wrth low price. This new converter, the 144CC, rounds out the Janel line that already includes the deluxe 144CA high per formance two meter converter. Other products include converters for 50, 220 and 432 MHz.

The 144CC uses gate-protected dual gate MOSFETs to provide high sensitivity while avoiding overload effects. One rf stage is used to prevent cross modulation overload by keeping the signal level low at the mixer. The converter is claimed to be free from birdies, due to the use of a seventh overtone crystal oscillator. This eliminates the need for multipliers and has been found to be very effective in reducing spurious responses. Typicai specifications are; Gain - 20 dB, Noise Figure - 3-5 dB, Power - 12V dc with i-f outputs available on 26-30 MHz or 28-32 MHz. The price is $49.95 from Jane/ Laboratories, P.OI Box 172, Succasunna NJ 07876.


Jane Laboratories Model 432pc

Full size Íayouí of the circuit board used for a 10 vsatt 2m amplifier using the PTS7S7.

As part of their line of VHF/UHF products, Janel Labs has announced a series of 432 MHz prearnps. Four models are available offering low noise figures in a choice of two price ranges, each having the option of an ac power supply. Models without power supply have a compact sheet aiuminum en closure whife those with power supply feature a rugged cast aluminum case.

The gain of all models is an ample 20 dB. Bandwidth (3 dB) is about 20 MHz. Stock units can be supplied for any center frequency between 420 and 470 MHz and other frequencies are available on special order.

The basic circuit is a two stage amplifier, ft uses a KMC bipolar tran


sisior first stage and a 3N159 dual gate MOSFET second stage. The 432PA uses a K2073 first stage to produce a 3.5 dB noise Figure and the 432PC uses the new K6007 to achieve an extremely low 1,5 to 2.0 dB noise figure.

The 432PA models are priced from $29.95 to S54.95 and the 432PC models cost from $69.95 to S94.95. They are available from Janei Labsi


One of the members of the Electchester N.Y. ARC recently experienced the theft of his car with a trunk full of ham gear, Some of the gear was installed in the car (bolted and wired in place) but most of it was loose and merely being transported, as the owner was leaving on a vacation and intended to operate portable in Pennsylvania.

The car was insured and covered for "comprehensive/1 Do you think that covers radios? Unless you have a special policy, you are probably not covered. The usual coverage extends to what is required to make the car operative plus luggage and ciothing up to a limit. Cameras, sporting goods, tape decks, recorders, stereos and radios are not covered unless you have a special policy giving such items specific coverage, Better read your car policy carefully if you think it covers you it's just about a lead pipe cinch it does not.

The New Yorker also had a Home-

!fl owners policy with off premises coverage for personal propel ty which he was sure gave him coverage. Wrong again. In 1971 most insurance companies doing business in New York State changed their policies due to the tremendous increase in thefts from cars.

Check your policy' Radios, stereos, tape decks, cameras, etc.. are covered only if specifically stated in the policy when they are lost off the premises. Unless your agent has changed your policy to cover your radio gear, the chances are you are not covered. Better get it out, give it a good look, and then check with your agent to make sure.

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