No Traps No Coils No Stubs No Capacitors

Fully A\r T^sferf _ Thousands Already in Use

#16 40% Copper Weld wire annealed so it handles like soft Copper wire—Rated lor better than full legal power AM/CW or SSB Coaxial or Balanced 50 to 75 ohm feed line—VSWfl under 1.5 to 1 a! most heights— Stainless Steel hardware— Of op Proof Insulators—Terrific Performance—No coils or traps to break down or change under weather conditions—Completely Assembled ready to put up—Guaranteed 1 year—ONE DESIGN DOtS IT ALL 75-lOHD^ONLY $12 00 A pAND'

Model 75-10HD $$0.00 Model 75 20HD $50 00

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