Sept 29-Oct. 1 Delta QSO Party Oct. 6-7 New Mexico QSO Party

California QSO Party RSGB 21/28 MHz Telephony Contest RSGB 7 MHz CW Contest Oct. 20-22 North Carolina QSO Party Nov. 2-5 CHC/FHC/HTH

QSO Party

Phone Contest Nov. 511 QRPP CW QSO Party

Oct. 20-21

This Month New Mexico QSO Party

From 220 GMT October 6 to 0100 GMT October 7; 0200 GMT to 0600 GMT and 1800 GMT to 2200 GMT October 7r 1973, frequencies are 65 kHz up from the bottom of each CW band, phone near the edge between

General and Advanced frequencies, Novice near the middle of each Novice band. Only NM stations call CQ Contest near these frequencies. Exchange QSQ number, RS/T and QTH (county for NM, state, province or country for others). Stations may be contacted only once on each band, and again if he changes counties. Intrastate NM contacts are valid. Score 1 point per QSO. NM multiplier is total states, provinces, countries and NM counties. Non-NIVH use total NM counties for multiplier. Appropriate awards, Full log data, including exchanges, should be sent to Bilí Wageman, K5MAT, 35 San Juan, Los Alamos NM 87544 by November 1, 1973.

California QSO Party

From' 1800 GMT October 6 to 0600 GMT October 7, and 1500 GMT October 7 to 0300 GMT Octber 8. Same station may be worked once per band/mode. Exchange QSO number, RS/T and QTH (county for California, ARRL section or DX country for others). California stations work anyone. Non-California work California oniy. Score 1 point per OSO. Multiply total QSO points by total California counties worked or total ARRL sections (including California) and DX countries worked. Frequencies are 3560, 7060, 14060, 21060, 28060, 3880, 3980, 7280, 14280, 21280, 21380, 28580, 3725, 7125, 21125, 28125. Appropriate awards. Logs rriust show date, time, band, mode, exchanges sent and received. Logs can't be returned. Be sure your call is on each page. A summary sheet is required showing counties, ARRL sections and DX countries worked, breakdown of QSOs per band and scoring. Include your name, call and address in large block letters. Mail logs before November 7, 1973, to John Minke, W6KYA, 6230 Rio Bonito Drive, Carmichael, California 95608. Include a large SAS for results. Comments are encouraged and appreciated.

North Carotina QSO Party

From 1800 GMT October 20 to 0600 GMT October 21 and from 1300 GMT October 21 to 0200 GMT October 22, 1973. Each station may be worked once per band/mode and again if operated portable or mobile, and with each county change. Exchange QSO NR, RS/T and QTH (county for NC; state, province or country for others, NC score 2 points for out of state QSOs, 1 point for QSOs with other NC stations, multiply total points by number of states and provinces worked. Out of staters score 2 points per QSO and multiply total by number of NC

counties. Frequencies are 3575, 7090, 14070, 21090, 28090, 3710, 7110, 21110, 28110, 3810/3900, 7290, 14290, 21310, 28510 (all are plus/minus 10 kHz). While on 3575 try not to QRM the Carolina's traffic net which meets at 2300 GMT and 0200 GMT near that frequency. The entire 6 and 2 meter bands can be used, and ¬°repeater QSOs count. Appropriate awards. Mail logs before November 25, 1973 to Charlie Wells, K4SKI, Rte 8, Box 414, Greenville NC 27834,

By the shadow on the wall I see that it's time to wrap up another column. Until next time, "CQ Contest, CQ Contest, CQ Contest."


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